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Port Huron Area Fall Events

Fall is a beautiful time to explore the Port Huron area.

rainbow on Lake Huron The beautiful fall colors are on display this time of year. The maples, oaks, birch and ash trees turn their leaves to forests of red, yellow, gold and brown. Take a ride along the state game areas and enjoy the scenic views. The wildlife becomes much more active in anticipation of the coming months, and the deer go into rut this time of year, making them become less cautious and more visible. The days are warm and the nights are cool, making it an ideal time to visit.

Fall Events

St. Clair Riverview Plaza Fall Art & Craft Show 9/10-11 shows off the local artists. Enjoy a stroll along the water, find unique craft projects and enjoy the art on display. The fall show is one of the longest running art shows in the area and has a large following.

The Lexington area comes alive through the fall months, with lots of fun (and funny) things to do. The Lexington Days celebration on 9/24-25 features such whacky events as outhouse races, but also includes a car show and craft show at the same time. The park is full of fun things to do for the weekend. On 10/15-16 the annual Octoberfest Weekend takes place with the full compliment of the usual Octoberfest fun, including local brews and dressing up by participants. Then on 11/4-5 is the annual Holiday Open Market where you stroll through the downtown area before the winter cold sets in and see the shops decked out in holiday decorations. Pick a weekend and visit Lexington for some fun and shopping.

Hunting Camping & Fishing

Fall is still a time to enjoy the great outdoors in Michigan. The Port Huron area is home to large tracts of game land and state forest. Camping opportunities are plentiful. Enjoying the day at an event, and spending the evening sitting by a campfire, making s'mores is a great way to end the day. Many of the camping areas offer modern conveniences from showers and electricity to free wifi internet. Some have miniature golf courses attached and other entertainment.

The fishing once again excels in the fall as the larger predator, like pike, musky, and bass are trying to fatten up for the coming winter. Fall salmon and trout runs add another level of excitement. There are charter fishing options available for those who want to venture out on Lake Huron for salmon, trout and walleye fishing.

Fall is also the hunting season in Michigan. Archery seasons from from October to the end of December and the gun season is mid November. The Port Huron area maintains a large population deer, and some of the deer are quite large from growing up in the fertile farms and woods of the area. Coyote and bird hunting are also offered in the area. There are special "hunting widow" events for the Moms and kids during this time of year too, while dad is off on his adventure.

Fall is a beautiful time to enjoy the outdoors of the Port Huron area.