Lake Huron

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Water, Water, Water

thomas edison statueThe best attraction of the Port Huron area is - you guessed it - the water! Whether you're a boating enthusiast or a beachcomber looking for beautiful rays and sandy beaches, we offer miles of coastline to indulge in your favorite watersport. There are charter boats and tours of the rivers and lakes available. And plenty of miles of boardwalks and beachwalks to take a stroll and watch the waves.

Historical Attractions

tourismThe Port Huron area is rich with Michigan history. The Port Huron Museum hosts five locations detailing different parts of Michigan's nautical and local history. Also check out the St. Clair Historical Museum to take "a step back in time" and experience our local history.

Parks, Boardwalks, and Nature Trails

Another beautiful attraction of eastern Michigan is the miles of boardwalks from which to watch the nautical activities on our rivers. The most popular and spectacular views are of the St. Clair River, particularly near the Port Huron Bridge, where Lake Huron empties into the mouth of the St. Clair River. The views from the Thomas Edison Inn Parkway and Pine Grove Park are amazing. Watch international freighters go by while taking a stroll along the boardwalks all throughout the area.

There are also many parks featuring picnic areas, beaches, camping, and various recreational activities. Check out some of the nature and bikes trails just minutes from the waterfront.